JOURNEY PART 4 by sharon


He danced slowly to my back, staring at me with those charming eyes. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. It was not like I had never danced with a guy before but this time, the feeling was different, or my hormones were controlling my sense of reasoning. He held my waist from behind, his scent was breathtaking.
"Esther this guy is holding your waist." The Esther I knew would have stopped him, but at that moment I lost all sense of morality and decency. It felt so good and I rolled my waist to the rhythm.
"You look so beautiful." He whispered into my ear. Nobody had ever told me that, I always wanted to hear a guy say that to me. And there I was with the guy I was so attracted to saying those words to me, with that voice that got me thinking a lot of things.
"Thank you." I turned facing him, as we danced to Davido's "Assurance" I felt safe in his arms as I wrapped my hands around his neck.
"I love..I mean I loved your performance." the way he stared into my eyes made me stutter. I got to know his name and few things about him.
"Esther we have to go now." Jessy tapped me from behind.
"Hello pretty one." He shook her hands. Deep down inside I just wanted Jessy to go and leave us alone. "Jessy kindly wait for me outside, I will meet you all soon." I interrupted the conversation they were about to start. Jessy had a weird look on her face but I didn't care.
"I have to go now." I hugged him, yes I did, I hugged someone I just met. That was so not me, but I loved the feeling; I picked my bag. He just stared at me, smiling.
"Your eyes..." He laughed.
“I’m sorry I just Love your eyes." He drew closer.
"Why is this guy acting so overly romantic, this is not Korean movie o." I thought observing his every move. But I was enjoying every bit of the attention.
"This guy please take my number, what are you waiting for?" I walked slowly, he just stood there smiling and waving.
"So this is it?." I frowned increasing my pace. "At least I will get to see him, he is a 300 level student so I must see him again." I consoled myself.
"Esther wait!" He hurried to meet up with me. Hearing him scream my name was mindblowing, I did not drink alcohol but I was definitely getting high and loving the feeling.
"Not so fast." He gave me his phone. He didn't have to ask; I typed my number, made sure it was correct and even saved it. He collected his phone and pecked me lightly on my cheek.
"He pecked me, yes!! he did." I turned immediately and walked as fast as I could feeling shy and excited at the same time; I ran to meetup with my roommates outside.
"So Esther even you dey catch bobo." Jane scoffed with her two hands on her waist.
"And it is that artiste, chaii sharp girl." Tayo continued from where Jane stopped as if they already planned it.
"His name is Alex." I turned back if I could see his face again.
I got to the hostel, smiling sheepishly, expecting to hear his voice and see him again, when I got a call from an unknown number. Without a second thought I answered.
"Esther, it's Alex please come outside, I am waiting." and he ended the call.
"why would he be calling me outside at this time? What should I do?." I wore shorts, a t-shirt and rushed out; met him looking so pathetic.
"Esther please take me home, I live alone and I can't go home by myself."
I hesitated at first but "what's the big deal?" I thought and I followed him to his house, a bed sitter, with a big bed, fridge and home theater, he looked rich.
He oozed of alcohol and kept calling me Stella.
"Stella I miss you, " he held my waist tightly from behind as I tried to get him water.
" Stop it I am not stella and why did you drink so much?" I pulled myself away from his grip.
"Stop it?  I know you want me." he grabbed me and this time his grip was stronger.
"your eyes turn me on Stella." he kissed my neck lightly; and that sent shivers down my spine.
"Alex stop! " I pushed him on the bed. It was as if I had awoken a sleeping tiger.  He dragged my leg, and  pushed me on the bed.
The same church boy I was so attracted to turned into something else. He pinned my hands down and tried to hold down my legs.
"Alex wait; please stop." I pleaded crying but he didn't care he pulled up my t-shirt exposing my tiny breasts hidden in my bra.
I kicked him in between his legs with every strength I could muster and headed directly for the door.
 But still he followed me. I picked a bottle from the floor and without thinking, it landed on his head.  I ran out as fast as my legs could take me.
And the next morning;  there I was walking to the lecture hall, even more frightened of the whole new world I found myself which they call the "University".


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