leave fuprite alone_pretty lady reacts to current stabbing of student


young pretty lady expresses disapproval of current issues going around Fupre

After the incidence that accord few days ago of two FUPRE STUDENT who were robbed

 and stabbed by some guys in the neighboring community , a pretty graduate as expressed her total disapproval over the recent acts, she even stated other occurrence in the past  ,she writes

You ppl should leave fuprite alone, una don kill late Michael okoyovwe, only una throw our student for water die after stabbing 😡, una shot chucks, una pursue savior go Canada, na only arm robber una de born? No pickin de get head for uvwie land? Abeg make una leave fuprite alone b4 I write to federal government to carry e fupre go kaduna👿­_ Lauren Omas Oruma
And she later advised the Nigerian student that they should avoid night movement since the community is been hostile.

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