JOURNEY PART 2 by sharon


fupre journey 

Although we later discovered that there was some politics going on 'Lowkey.'
We were allowed to keep our luggages in a room in the hostel, pending when we would be allocated to our rooms. We thought we were on time, until we got there and saw most of the rooms already occupied. I followed zuby closely to where the porter was to get our room number.
Unfortunately Zuby was in room 3 and I in room 5. "I will always see you around." Zuby smiled at me after noticing my mood. I really wanted to be in the same room with her but too bad–it was just me and me alone. I struggled with my luggages which were quite a handful.
My mum stocked a sack with foodstuffs, made sure I carried everything I needed. But to my utmost surprise, most girls carried twice as much; extra large tins of beverages, biscuits, bags filled with clothes and shoes.  They were accompanied by their parents in exotic cars, the one that marvelled me was a girl given thirty thousand Naira in cash right in front of me.
"Tracy just manage it, I would send you more money next week." She hugged her, and promised,  just to stop Tracy from complaining.
Can you imagine? Getting thirty thousand Naira for just allowance and still complaining.
 Before I got to my room all the good bunks had been occupied and I had to make do with the one close to the door. The room was quite spacious, I must admit,  but not big enough for six girls. There were three bunks, everyone had their bunk mates. Mine was quick to take the top bunk and quickly set her mosquito net.
As I arranged my things in my locker, their eyes followed me, watching my every move.
"This babe nor dey talk?." One of the girls at the bunk opposite mine sneered at me.
"Jane leave my bunky oh." My bunk mate who I thought was sleeping sat up, smiling at me.
"She's just shy, she will get along soon."
It was a hectic day and I did not get to really know all my roommates except my bunk mate who acted like a mother figure, making sure the room was neat, already assigning duties. She was a bit plumpy and fair with big cute eyes, Jessy. Her name was actually Jessica but she made it clear to everyone that she wanted to be referred to as Jessy.
As for Jane, she made a lot of noise while chewing her gum and pressing her phone continuously. Everyone took turns to bath and I was the last person.
I ambled into the bathroom with my bucket and spongebob designed towel, which i got from my favourite aunty. I had the habit of going into the bathroom with my clothes on, apply cream there and even a change of clothes there; which most people thought was awkward.  I'd always been conscious of prying eyes. You may never know who is watching, while you are dressing up.
The bathroom was so small, like a little box. I was about to turn on the shower when a big rat, or should I call it rabbit jumped  out from behind me.
I jumped out of the bathroom dragging my towel and pouring water all over the room in the process. "You Neva see anything." My roommate Tayo who was in 300level gave me the mop after they all laughed to their heart's content. 
I did not take my bath again, I just cleaned the place and slept without bathing. I did not sleep really well because of the fear of rats and cockroaches. I really hate cockroaches.
I had to deal with the hassle of lectures and course registration processes. I was told to go to lectures on time, to be able to sit at the front rows, or even find a sit at all. So I got there by 6am which was unusual for me. Normally I was supposed to still be in dreamland by then. I got to the hall and it was almost filled up.
 "Chaii all these people nor dy sleep at all?" I was surprised. After coming happily thinking I will just balance at the front seat. Finally I saw a whole row that nobody was sitting on at the middle of the class. But there were books, and bags on it, I removed the book to sit.
"Please o these seats are already occupied." A short plumpy girl came from nowhere shouted and placed the book where it was. I located another seat at the back and stayed there before somebody will beat me. I don't have strength to fight.
The lecture was to begin at 8am, and by 7:45 those imaginary people that owns the seats started strolling in. Including my room mates. They asked me to wait for them but I was trying to be a serious student. Now they are sitting at the front comfortably.
The lecturer was talking to himself, teaching mathematics as if it was English and to make matters worse, some persons were standing at the front, obstructing me from seeing anything he was writing on the board.
Barely after 2 weeks of resumption, I was already  stressed out with school; we were always bombarded with numerous assignments to submit at the same time. As much as I dreamt of being in the university, I never knew it was like this.
One afternoon I sat in one of the lecture halls thinking of going home, and worried about what I would have for lunch, with my hand resting on my chin.
"Why do you look so sad?." Someone whispered from behind. I was sure my ears were not deceiving me, it was a masculine voice and one I won't forget in a while.

I turned to see him smiling at me, his eyes, there was something about his eyes and the way it lit when he smiled. His dentition was arranged and sparkling clean. I so wanted to touch his hair, it was black and curly. And his scent, "where have you been, that I never saw you" I thought as I stared at him with all concentration.
"Hey, at least tell me your name." I was so lost in my thoughts I did not hear his name.
"Esther." I managed to say, avoiding eye contact.
"Can I join you?  that's if you don't mind." He sat down without getting a reply.
I just nodded and smiled sheepishly. I arranged my hair, checking my face with my phone. "Oh my God! I hope I look good, i just ate something, i hope there's nothing in my teeth."  Sitting up, trying to be as confident as I could be. But the little confidence I had failed me. As much as I wanted to know more about him or ask him all the numerous questions in my head, no matter how I commanded the words to come out, it was just stuck there in my head. I picked a textbook, pretending to be reading. I answered all his questions by nodding and staring at the book.
"I can see you are quite busy and don't need company." He smiled pressing his phone. That smile was killing.
"I guess I will see you around." He stretched his hand for a handshake.
"'m.." I stuttered, and he stared at me with curiosity.
"Hey Esther please can I join you?." Jessy my bunkmate pushed her way in between us.
"Hi I'm Jessy, you?."
"Nice name I'm Martins." They shook hands and chatted as if they had been friends for a long time.
Sometimes I wished I was as confident and could stop being so shy. After talking for a while, they both left, holding hands.  "seriously how does that happen." Honestly I felt bad. I wasn't sure if I was angry with Jessy or with myself.
I packed my school bag and headed to the hostel, it was as if the worms in my stomach were fighting a world war.  As I stepped out of the hall, I saw a big banner, "Fresher's Welcome

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