Even in broad day light? i cant believe this young student shares of awful experience with daylight robbers


I think thieves should issue receipts to their victim after operation. So that their colleagues (co thieves) do not steal from these ones for at least six months. 

The crime rate in our environment is actually getting worse at a very alarming rate 
I was nearly robbed today. In broad day light. At precisely 1:10pm. I was merely fortunate, I guess.
... In front of ages gas station along ughelli- patani express way...
Here's how it happened. And this is actually the important part

A tricycle stopped abruptly in front of me, one young man came out and acted like he wanted to ask me for directions...
Then another came down... Meanwhile, The driver still kept the engine running. At this point, I became vigilant and decided to walk backwards...

As soon as they were close enough, the first one  held my belt and pulled out the phone from my pocket. But I was cautious enough so somehow, I managed to recover the phone. And I guess they reasoned they were running out of time as it was in broad day light...

So they ran back into the already waiting tricycle(keke) and zoomed off...
Funny thing is, the first guy brought out his head from the tricycle after it zoomed off and gave me thumbs up. 
Perhaps he wasn't expecting his stunt to fail. I'm not sure.
He even went on to say that  it was his second time he was robbed, below this what he said.  

 If these guys had succeeded today it would have been the second phone I've lost to such hoodlums in a couple of months. And the first was equally in broad day light. Also On a federal road. But in Benin.


we should all be more vigilant -  Even in broad day light, I guess. 
The scene of the world is really changing, and it's not for the better.

So here's my recommendation to these thieves. I think they should issue receipts to their victims after operation. So that their colleagues (co thieves) do not steal from these ones for at least six months. I mean, it's pathetic.


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