ARE YOU SURE ITS NOT YOUR FRIEND_ Darlington Clifford dropped a shocking comment


are you sure is not ur friend_ Darlington Clifford
are you sure is not ur friend that developed this app... How can dey be dis right

 an ex-student who goes by the name Darlington Clinton has dropped a shocking comment on one of the dean of student Dr. Godwill Ofualagba  latest post on facebook ,which has cut the eyes of many student and put surprises in many people’s face ,it even left a girl named Tobi Ay  to ask him “Hmmmn Darlington Clifford are you through with everything concern fupre?. I don't want you to repeat your speech in front of everyone” this Is just one of the many who were curious about his question
below is a screen of the post and the comment he made …read for yourself 

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