DEPARTMENT : marine engineering
TRIBE: Urhobo

Fupre Tarffia: Marine? Wow that's nice was it your first trial that put in marine or you just love it
KELVIN  ITEBU: yeah, I just love marine
Fupre Tarffia: So far how has the department been for you.
KELVIN  ITEBU: Going well boss, loving everything.
Fupre Tarffia: apart from marine engineering that you are studying in school what other things do you do
KELVIN  ITEBU:  am a comedian, I do all this skit stuff and I am also into acting
Fupre Tarffia: Amazing ,really nice you have any handy work you do after school.
KELVIN  ITEBU: thanks boss, ya I learnt phone and laptop repairs, but am kind of more specialize on phone
Fupre Tarffia: Nice are you planning on going big with this because we Dont have where to repair phones on campus.
KELVIN  ITEBU: If am going to do that, that will be after 200L,Cause this session looks tough
I got fresher party to plan for Many programs which I have to be in charge of in my department So to balance everything up will be difficult in a way
Fupre Tarffia: in your acting career Have you featured in any role so far and what is the title of the movie.

KELVIN  ITEBU: No just comedy skit, with jungle Boyz comedy

Fupre Tarffia: do you do hold any political office here in fupre and have you gotten any award recognition so far
KELVIN  ITEBU: yea, Am the director of socials National Association of Nigerian Maritime Students (NANMS) FUPRE chapter and am also the SA to the National President on media and Publicity NANMS.For now no award
Fupre Tarffia: how do you manage your studies with your duties
KELVIN  ITEBU: I pay more attention to my studies, because without that I can't function in that capacity. But I always try to put in my best to carry out my duties. In my own little capacity, I was made the caretaker governor of Hostel B2. I just try my best to carry out my duties to the best of my knowledge and I seek advice from people that have being there before.
Fupre Tarffia:  🔥👏  So what word of advice do you have for the next generation comedians I.e those that are in your area of field and student in general
KELVIN  ITEBU: I will advise them to never give up on their dreams. Dream big, never let your environment limit you. Work hard and you can achieve anything you want to.
Fupre Tarffia: And finally what do you have to say to Fupre Tarffia blog
KELVIN  ITEBU: I want to say a big thank you to Fupre tarffia, is great being around you. Even though we don't really know the brain behind the good work, I will still love to thank you. I appreciate the hard work and dedication you are putting into this, stay bless.
Fupre Tarffia: Its been great having you around 🔥🙌 I want to specially thank you for ur time and happy resumption

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