Fupre Tarffia: Wow nice ...was EMT the department you had in mind to study in fupre ? Or you accepted because you Dont want to stay at home.
Eric Ologbo: I chose EMT. I had to check the school system and course structure properly before chosing a department cause I needed to study something that would also give me enough free time to chase my career. I discovered EMT would give me that opportunity, so I chose it
Fupre Tarffia: Apart from the comedy or been a comedian what other thing do you do
Eric Ologbo: I'm an actor... I star in motion pictures.
I also plan, package and produce events. I also write. I have a book called EARLY DUSK which I released some time ago. I got a lot of positive reviews on it.
I also wrote a POEM titled CONFESSOR which was also well received
Fupre Tarffia: What inspired you to be a comedian
Eric Ologbo: I've always liked to talk and entertain people.
It's something I was born with cause right from when I was young I had always wanted to perform in front of audiences, from children choir to youth drama team and I was usually given funny roles cause I could interprete them very well. So comedy is innate. It's part of my whole package
Fupre Tarffia: Amazing have you featured in any movie ...the title please
Eric Ologbo: Promotion for the movie has not begun so I really can't talk about it yet.
Company policies
Fupre Tarffia: So what has been driving you into this area
Eric Ologbo: Love. I love what I do. I love making people happy. I love seeing them smile. I love performing and I want to keep on performing for as long as I live.
Love drives me
Fupre Tarffia: In your comedy career has it always been easy for you ...what has been your biggest challenge

Eric Ologbo: It's not always been easy. Like everyone else I've had my difficult moments.
My biggest challenge so far has been breaking into the mainstream. Becoming that "brand". But I'm working hard and in no distant time I'm going to become A-listed. I can feel it already

Fupre Tarffia: How have you been able to manage your career with school
Eric Ologbo: It's difficult...
Some times my events clash with my classes.
I just try to find a balance. And then I have three amazing friends who always make sure I study with them. And it's been great so far.
Fupre Tarffia: So what word of advice do you have for the next generation comedian I.e those that are in your area of field and student in general
Eric Ologbo: Find your balance. They have to realize that their education is important. So many entertainers that are students are putting their studies on the sidelines and it may come to haunt them in the future.
So I'd advise them to try and find the balance early in their career and manage both aspects of life properly
Fupre Tarffia: And finally what do you have to say to Fupre tarffia
Eric Ologbo: You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep it up
Fupre Tarffia: Its been great having you around 🔥🙌 I want to specially thank you for ur time and happy resumption

ericado live on stage

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