(The scene opens inside Mark's apartment.
Maro is carrying two newly washed glass cups, and bottles of beer. Ovo sits quietly and without fuss on thearm chair covered with leather material).

Maro serves the drink without talking.
Ovo: (teasingly) you look absolutely magnificent in your underpants.
Maro: (as if he just remembered something) that reminds me, I wanted to tell you about something important.
Ovo: (oblivious of what Maro has to say) what is it about?
Maro: will you heed it?
Ovo: of course.
Maro: well, I wanted to tell you, or rather, advise you to desist from wearing this your trouser and over sized shirt.
Ovo: (surprised) why?
Maro: (teasingly) one reason is that it seems this is all you have got. Then, secondly, the breeze from my fan keeps flapping the borgous legs of your trousers and oversized shirt thereby giving you the ascetic look of a ghost.
 (They both laugh)
Ovo: I never knew you were afraid of ghosts. (Maro, who always has a way out quickly thinks of a bombardment)
Maro: its not as if I'm afraid of ghosts, it's just that I don't entertain them, especially under this roof.
Ovo: because I am a star?
Maro: no
Ovo: because I am your mentor?
Maro: No
Ovo: because you enjoy it?
Maro: no
Ovo: (now frustrated) then why?
Maro: it is because a person would have to intensely stare at this your small mouth which is further hemmed in by the unkempt black beard to be certainly sure that the words are from it.
Ovo: you are a jerk.
Maro: (retorts immediately) just like your grandfather.  Return my drink
Ovo: but I was just kidding
Maro: I don't care
Ovo: (in an effort to appease him)okay, fine, I'm sorry.
Maro: (now smiling mischievously) are you sure?
Ovo: yes if course.
Maro:  okay , I forgive you.
Ovo: can I have the bottle of beer now?
Maro: I thought as much. You are a glutton.
Ovo: then you are my tutor.
Maro: you want to start again.
Ovo: but you started first.
Maro: as long as you are under my roof, I have the right to say whatever I want to.

Ovo: (Now in a more serious manner) joke aside, there'sa very important issue I have to discuss with you.
Maro: : if it's about business forget it, I'm not in the mood to discuss business.
Ovo: its not about business, it's about that old woman and her daughter.

Maro: (immediately sits upright) what about them?
Ovo: I ... I... I always feel this strong desire to help them get out of their present predicament. 
Maro: what do you mean?
Ovo: I mean, I want to help them.
Maro: (puzzled) and how do you intend to do that?
Ovo: I don't know yet, but maybe I can start by sending her daughter to school and also provide their basic necessities.
Maro: Ovo!
Ovo: yrs?
Maro: Ovo!!
Ovo:what is the problem?
Maro: (he starts shaking him back and forth) Ovo!!!
Ovo: I am here, why are you shouting at the top of your voice?
Maro: Are you alright?
Ovo: of course I am. Why do you ask?
Maro: Because I want to know the reason why you are planing on making such a arbitrary decision.
Ovo: well, I just want to help them.
Maro: please don't.
Ovo: (surprised) why?
Maro: because it's dangerous.
Ovo: well, I have made up my mind.

Maro: see, a lot of people have tried to help those two people but in the long run, they either lost their lives or ended up being worse than the people they wanted to help.

Ovo: well, I don't care.
Maro: well, I know you don't, but what about your lovely wife?  Think about your mother, your business a associates, think of me, Ovo!
Ovo: ( getting irritated) stop this thing you are doing, you are just afraid that I may ask you for money.
Maro:well, I won't blame you,it's because you are not from this community, you are not an indigene.
Ovo: you can say whstver you want, my kind is made up.
Maro: do you really want to do this?
Ovo: besides, I don't see any harm in trying to help a poor widow and her unprivileged daughter.
(Curtain closes)

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