The scene opens in an empty vacated and deteriorated building where Edith and Omonigho live. Omonigho, probably conscious and proud of her bloom is unable to sleep. Her mother wakes up and finds her in a worried mood.

Edith: why are you not sleeping?
Omonigho: mama, I want to know why evryone in this community Hates us even more than they hate the devil himself. I want to understand why they despise us.
Edith: they said I'm a witch and that I killed my husband, your father, in order to covert all his wealth to myself.
Omonigho: mama, is that true?
Edith: (shocked) how could that be true my daughter?

Omonigho: then why did they accuse you of such a heinous crime?
Edith: (sighs) its a long story my daughter.
Omonigho: (sits up) tell me from the beginning, till the end.
Edith: (trying to avoid the discussion) why don't you sleep so that we discuss this another day?
Omonigho: that is what you have been telling me ever since.
Edith: first of all they did not want your father to marry me, right from the onset.

Omonigho : why?

Edith: they said they had some scores to settle with my late father before his sudden death.
Omonigho: what scores?
Edith: my father had a land dispute with your paternal father and when they went to court, my father won the case but Chief Chief Ajokpaoghene disagreed.some years  After my father's sudden death, of which I am one hundred percent sure was the handiwork of Chief Ajokpaoghene and his cohorts, I met your father and we started contemplating marriage.

Omonigho: but why did you follow him when you knew his father and yours had animosity and that his father was against the marriage?

Edith: love

Omonigho: what kind of stupid love made you get married to the son of your family's arch enemy?

Edith: (smiles) you won't understand, my daughter.
Omonigho: ( her notorious temper is now frayed up) understand what mama? Understand the fact that you sold your  Joy and freedom for the sake of love? Understand hat we are in this present predicament for the sake of love? Now tell me mama, where is your so called lovely husband? Now that you need him this most, where is he Mama?

Edith: (weeping uncontrollably) it is enough my daughter, you are too young to understand all of this.
Omonigho: so what you are trying to say now is that you are completely innocent of all the allegations levelled against you?
Edith: (sober) yes, my daughter.
Omonigho: you mean that Chief Ajokpaoghene killed his own son in order to make you suffer?
Edith: not exactly.
Omonigho: so what then happened?
Edith: his intention was to Poison me when you were in my womb.
Omonigho: how?
Edith: he poisoned the food his wife prepared for me when I was in gve hospital but your late father came to the hospital after they had left and complained that he was hungry so I encouraged him to eat the meal his mother prepared and he did just that. ( she starts crying again) after eating, he started throbbing erratically and befor the doctors could do anything about it, he gave up. His kinsmen came to interrogate me, when I told them the whole ordeal and the flask that belonged to his mother, they were touched, but couldn't do anything about it since chief was a very influential man in the society.
Omonigho: so....
Edith: they had no choice but to accuse me of being guilty and after I gave birth to you I was driven out of my matrimonial home while you were only a fw days old. Without anything at all. Not even my own things.
Omonigho: how were you able to cope then?
Edith? A clos friend of mine took me in and catered for me but after many threats from the Powers that be, she was left with no option but toask me to leave. She was not oblivious of what thechief could do.
Omonigho: I now understand the reason for all this suffering. But let me assure you of one thing,
Edith: what?
Omonigho: he would certainly live to regret this.
Edith: (now laughing) who?
Omonigho: chief Ajompaogheneof course!
Edith: I mean who will make him regret it?
Omonigho: I will
Edith: how
Omonigho: I don't know yet. All I know is that I'll make sure his eveil deeds are commensurate to the punishment he will receive.


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