Part 2.

Inside the ever busy and noisy market, the poor frustrated beggar continues from where she stopped last night, soliciting for alms.

Edith: (speaking as loud as her empty stomach can allow her) abeg make una give me money or food, me and my pikin need una help, abeg!

For Omonigho, her beautiful face has now become a picture of frustration and hopelessness. She continues following her mother without speaking a word.

Suddenly, little children start pouring invectives on them.

" make una comot for here, we no need witch for here, abi the one wey una chop never reach una?"
" since my mama born me, na una be the first witch wey I don see wey dey fly for daytime"

Omonigho who is now infuriated makes a move to grab one of the insolent children and beat him mercilessly, but her mother stops her.

Edith: (sorrowfully) my daughter, please leave them alone.

One of the children brags : " you for leave am na, she come fight us abi? She think say she go fit beat any of us here? "

The other replies: " she go just chop her smelly shit if she come near us "
Yet another says: " no mind am,  na im make her head be like tea cup so" .

 Omonigho who is now visibly angry snaps and makes a move once more to retaliate but then Ovo who alighted from the bus only a few yards away walks toward them and prevents further drama.

Ovo: " Hey! Will you all stop this nonsense immediately! " (the kids withdraw and walk away).

Edith: Oga thank you o! Na God go bless u for me.
Ovo: don't mention ma! And you my Friend, (referring to Omonigho) what is your name?

Omonigho: ( too shy to speak, she starts groping for words) Me? Em...em....

Edith cuts in: " bros, her name na Omonigho, na my pikin".

Ovo: Oh! That's a good name. ( he dips his hand into his pocket to reach out for his wallet but then discovers that he forgot it in the cab he alighted from) Damn!

Bus conductor: (moving towards Ovos direction) Oga!  Na your purs be this?

Ovo heaves a sigh of relief and replies: " yes, thank you very much"
Bus conductor: ( he hands it over to Ovo) but oga you never pay fo  motor wey you enter.
Ovo opens the wallet and gives the bus conductor two hundred naira note. " you may keep the change" he says.

Edith and Omonigho open their mouth in astonishment. A very stale odor rushes out and as the conductor turns to know where the odor is coming from, he notices them.

Bus conductor: bros thank you o. But come first make I tell you something.

Ovo goes a little distance along with the boy, oblivious of what he has to say. " yes, what is the matter?"

The bus conductor replies: "e be like say you no dey leave for this area"

Ovo: no, I don't live here"

Bus conductor: no wonder.

Ovo: please speak up on time, somebody is waiting for me.

Bus conductor: okay, you see those two people wey u dey talk to so, the be witch.

Ovo: (in an angry tone) shut up!

Bus conductor: eee, no vex o, but I don advise you finish.

Ovo : ( irritatted)  please get out!

Bus conductor: I don talk my own finish o. Na the money wey u dash me make me even dey advise you. (he starts talking to himself and walks away)

Ovo returns to Evelyn and Omonigho, please don't mind the boy. (he brings out two five hundred naira notes and gives it to the both of them).

Edith: Thank you oga, na God go bless you.

Omonigho: ( smiles, but is too shy to speak)

Ovo is about to say something but then his phone rings and he discovers that it's his friend Maro calling. He takes the call and says: " my real G! I'll be with you shortly"

He then turns to Edith and Omonigho: " meet me here at about the same time, tomorrow, do you understand? " he then leaves them and walks towards Maro's house.

To be continued.........

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