IMPLEMENT FUPRE ACT OR ELSE ...-fupre staff/student begs FG

Early this morning at about 8:0 am 23/04/2018 the federal university of petroleum resources staff i.e both teaching and non-teaching staff has taken to the road for a protest. Reason for this protest was later know from staff and student, because the information was not disclosed to the student environment on times. The federal government has failed to implement the fupre act which has made the sug president the person of comr. Ohanwe Emmanuel to speak out, he was truly bittered  due to the know chalant attitude of the federal government under the ruler ship pf president Mohammed buhari. Which he signed in 2017 and now refuse to sign it into low. No infrastructure in our school, why so much hatred …..please implement it. Due to this act the staff and student of the federal UNIVERSITY OF petroleum resources to protest and to close  down and restrict the movement of vehicle on the federal road till the government do something about it. So this is what the student have to say  “implement fupre act in 2018 budget or else…..” you won’t want to hear the rest. “president buhari, implement fupre act you signed into law before NEDC” I don’t know why the government is treat us like this fupre is the first petroleum university in Africa and should not be NEGLECTED. Later someone of the student was interview in a video   Comr.nwosa callistus by one of our reporters please watch. And later on the present to to Facebook to complete his talk and has he has done in previous times
below is the video.

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