Time 9:00 am prompt
Date: 26th -29th march, 2018
Certain issues that was discussed during the event

VC-Prof.-A.O.-Akii-Ibhadode : also addressed the student although didn’t spend much time with them had to attend to official issues, but as the saying goings a word is enough for the wise. The VC-vice chancellor encourages the student to utilize every opportunity to learn and don’t be distracted by other activities during their cause of learning and should always put God first and gave best wishes.

Former Vice president SUG: she is by the name blessing ekumechidimma the student of the week , former vice president who also spoke to the student on the basics of life on campus i.e the reality of campus life .from her experience and her passion she gave her best and allowed them to see reasons why focusing on studies gives more benefit.

She spoke on leaving a luxurious life on campus when you know your parent don’t have that much i.e FAKE LIFE

From the office of the chief security office (CSO) of the university addressed the student today and stated some things student should avoid while on campus and also off campus.  He further stated that some weeks ago some student where apprehended at the police station which has left tears in various parent eyes. And stated that the student
·         Always walk together while going to night class
·         Should get to campus in time when coming for night class
·         Should report issues around them immediately patterning to treat
·         Should take each one has his brother i.e. being your brother’s keeper by watching each other’s back in order to have a peaceful environment
·         Should make a habit of making use of the id card (although not yet available)
·         In the hostel should learn to keep their things very well and be watchful
·         Should also learn to dress well especially when going to various offices like ADMINBLOCK, ICT ROOM.
·         Should report any form of bully, cult activities to the CSO and the sheriff deputies
REMEMBER: the first state of security begins with you

Also spoke to the student and addressed them based on CAREER DECISIONS; DEVELOPMENT, PROSPECTS AND PORTFOLIO the aim of this talk was to
·         Help the student clarify their pursuits in the world of work
·         Provide a clear guidance to the dynamics of making aa career decision
And also she helped the student to see a life in what course they are right now.
 From the dean of the student he discussed various issues that are bothering the student at large and also helped them to see that nothing is composary in the university and that no lecturer should impose it on any student, and from the applause coming from the crowd it showed that the student where really please with the way and ,manner he handled it and really want to appreciate him. He also said that matters bothering student should be addressed to him.
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