Student of The Week

NAME: Abirhire Blessing
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science
Fupre Tarffia: now that you are in fupre studying computer science, what other thing are you involve in?
Abirhire Blessing: am an inspirational Speaker and a writer.
Fupre Tarffia: So how long have you been an inspirational speaker/writer?
Abirhire Blessing: it’s been roughly two (2) years now, Glory to God
Fupre Tarffia: Wow, have you written any book lately and what’s the title?
Abirhire Blessing: Well yes, I have written a lot actually articles but just a book and it’s on PDF titled BOOK OF INSPIRATION.

Fupre Tarffia: That means you have popular quote you say
Abirhire Blessing: Yes…… “I have been in a relationship with God doe I have cheated on him(sinned) he has never broken my heart (left me)
Fupre Tarffia: so far what has been driving or pushing you into this area
Abirhire Blessing: well my biggest driving force is inspiring young minds towards achieving their goals and ambitions.
Fupre Tarffia: nice apart from been a writer and an inspirational speaker what other things are you? that you are good at.
Abirhire Blessing: well am born a leader and currently the ass. Secretary general of NADDESTU I love taking responsibility and the needs of others. s
Fupre Tarffia: What Word of Advice Do You Have for Hustlers which are in your field and student in general Like You.
Abirhire Blessing: in life you can’t stop people from expecting Big from you, sometimes people look down on you thinking nothing Good can come out from you, but your ability to be focused and determined to exceed their expectations makes you have a great reputation Don’t Give Up In Doing What You Know Best….
Fupre Tarffia: So What Do You Have to Say to Fupre Tarffia Blog
Abirhire Blessing: Fupre Tarffia has proven to be a platform that enhances true and unique happening in fupre, continue beating expectations and the top would be rest assured.

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