Student of The Week

NAME:  Blessing chidimma Ekume
LEVEL: 400l
DEPARTMENT: Electrical and electronics engineering(EEE)
Fupre Tarffia: wow you are in electrical/electronic engineering department, quite challenging been in a man’s field?
Blessing ekume: yes, oh, am proud to be an elect/elect although its challenging, but I want to thank God I made it so far
Fupre Tarffia: good, so back in school how didn't you find the environment at first
? I mean when your where in year one
Blessing ekume: Well quite interesting and cool, although am always in town before resumption, due to my businesses but getting back to the school environment is quite interesting

Fupre Tarffia: nice, what did you do at that time to survive!!
And apart from studying EEE what else are you good at
Blessing ekume: Like my first time in school?
Fupre Tarffia: yes
Blessing ekume: oh A long story but I will try to make it short
Fupre Tarffia: yeah thanks, we want to hear it
Blessing ekume:  at first I Stayed at home long before admission...let say three years, trying to raise money for school, I learnt, produced and supplied a lot thing...This made my brain somehow dormant... Based on “kpako” school that I was really hard, as I entered this school empty....I Had to believe in myself, encourage myself, was never intimidated...that's how I started fresh, went back to secondary school textbooks and all ,going to class everyday not reading what am being taught but going back to study secondary school things just for me to have the bases…its long can’t really finish this but I just want everyone to learn.
Fupre Tarffia: nice, such a touching story so apart from studying EEE what else are you good at
Blessing ekume: well Am a motivational speaker, was the former vice president SUG, A caterer and an being invited to talk to the fresher’s on the day of the orientation...on Monday, you can as well be there, I really wish this is oral interview
Fupre Tarffia: I totally understand how you feel, you really want to express it and let others feel the vibes. So for how long have you being a speaker and also an adviser, And what type of adviser?
Blessing ekume: 6 years, its all round advice I.e relationships, personal life, spiritual
Fupre Tarffia: Wow , 6 years quite long time so in terms of relationship I know a lot of people who tend to involve in such but later full in trap or get distracted, so my question is who do you cope with it
Blessing ekume: I discern
Fupre Tarffia: good, so during this your time of struggle what was your main driving force
Blessing ekume: am a goal getter, and I love doing the showing people that women can actually add value to the society, Like my SUG time....I wanted to prove that  women can make it up high especially in fupre politics that a woman who is determined can win even those three other make opponents and to give the women in school an edge and drive that’s was my driving force
Fupre Tarffia : : Base on your recent business in school I mean deli-taste kitchen Are you the the CEO of the organization or you work for someone
Blessing ekume: yeah, am the boss of that place, I own it.
Fupre Tarffia: nice having a chance to talk to you, so what Word of Advice Do You Have for peoples who are in your field and student in general Like You.
Blessing ekume: in life you can’t stop people from expecting Big from you, sometimes people look down on you thinking nothing Good can come out from you, but your ability to be focused and determined to exceed their expectations makes you have a great reputation Don’t Give Up In Doing What You Know Best…
Fupre Tarffia: So What Do You Have to Say to Fupre Tarffia Blog
Blessing ekume: Fupre Tarffia has proven to be a platform that enhances true and unique happening in fupre, continue beating expectations and the top would be rest assured.


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